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Greetings! We hope you've been enjoying our countdown to Christmas, and we hope you've been celebrating in other ways as well: by attending a Christmas party or two, a concert of carols, or one of the many holiday performances of the Nutcracker Ballet or Beethoven's 9th.

Of course, the holidays also mean lots of great food ... which brings us to this week's theme. This next set of WordMasters should serve both to whet your appetite for all those great holiday treats and to gently remind you of the downside of overindulging in the Christmas spirit!

Today's Lesson
RICH (food)   こってりした(食べ物)


  • Food is rich if it contains a lot of fatty ingredients, such as oil, butter, cream, or eggs.
  • 食べ物について rich と言うと、油、バター、クリーム、卵のような脂肪分の多い材料を多く含んでいる、つまり、こってりした、という意味になります。

RICH (food)


  1. I've started having fruit after dinner instead of rich desserts like cake and pudding.
  2. A lot of French food is too rich for me, especially the sauces.
  3. (good friends)
    a: You've put on (= gained) a little weight, haven't you?
    b: Yes. I think I ate too much rich food over the holidays.

英会話レッスンOoooh, what a rich edition that was!