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Hello, and welcome back!

Are you eating well these days? If not, it may help to know that we all think with our stomachs on occasion. At such times, it's probably best to enjoy the indulgence with a clean conscience and vow to do better tomorrow. Otherwise too much guilt and remorse might just set you searching through the cupboards for more comfort food!

This week, we look at food as vice! Indulge yourself!!

Today's Lesson


  • Your appetite is your desire for food.
  • appetite とは、食べ物に対する欲求、つまり、食欲のことです。



  1. a: Could I have some more mashed potatoes, please?
    b: More? That'll be your third helping. You certainly have a healthy appetite!
  2. a: Would you like a piece of cake?
    b: No thanks. I don't want to ruin my appetite before dinner.
  3. Hiking always gives me an appetite.
  4. a: The food at this restaurant is supposed to be very healthy. The only kinds of meat they use are frog and locust.
    b: Er ... maybe I'll just have something to drink. I've suddenly lost my appetite.
  5. Symptoms of the disease include headaches, muscle pain, and loss of appetite.

英会話レッスンWe hope today's edition has whet your appetite for more, because there's lots more to come!