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Many of us check the scale as often as the weather forecast or the latest stock prices, and the daily ups and downs can affect our mood just as strongly. So here's the language you need to explain your current high spirits ... or fit of depression.

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー
GAIN WEIGHT / LOSE WEIGHT   体重が増える/体重が減る


  • To gain weight is to become heavier.

    To lose weight is to become lighter.

    We can also use these words to say how much our weight has changed; for example, “lose 5 kilograms” or “gain seven pounds”.

    Be Careful! We do NOT say “lose MY weight”, “gain YOUR weight”, etc.
  • gain weight は、体重が重くなる、つまり、体重が増える、という意味です。

    lose weight は、体重が軽くなる、つまり、体重が減る、という意味です。

    体重の変化について、次のように言うこともできます。例:lose 5 kilograms(5キロ減る)、gain seven pounds (7ポンド増える)

    注意:lose MY weight や、gain YOUR weight のようには言いません。


  1. a: It's hard for me to lose weight.
    b: Me too. I gain weight easily.
  2. I'm trying to lose some weight before I go to Hawaii.
  3. You look terrific! Have you lost weight?
  4. I've been on a diet since New Year's Day. So far I've lost three kilograms.

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