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One of the things that make after-school activities such as music and dance so special is that you get the chance to show off in front of an audience. If you can get over the nerves, this can be a real thrill! After all, how often in life do you have the full attention of dozens, or sometimes even hundreds, of people?

Today's Lesson
PERFORM   演奏する、上演する


  • To perform  is to entertain a group of people by playing music, dancing, acting, etc.

    A performance  is the act of performing.
  • perform  は、観客を楽しませるために、楽器を演奏したり、ダンスをしたり、演技をしたりする、という意味です。

    performance  は名詞形で、演奏、演技など、という意味です。


  1. My son has never performed  in front of a lot of people before. He's really nervous.
  2. My ballet school is going to perform  "Swan Lake" next month. Why don't you come?
  3. I really enjoyed the performance. All the children were so cute in their costumes!

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