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For Life

No matter what you hope to achieve, you'll never succeed unless you try - or try out!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
TRY OUT (FOR)   (〜になるために)競う


  • To try out (verb) is to compete to be a member of a team or an actor in a play or movie.

    A tryout (noun) is a competition of this kind.
  • try out (動詞)は、チームのメンバーや、演劇や映画に出演する俳優になるために競う、という意味です。

    tryout (名詞)は、このような競争、つまり、テストやオーディションのことです。



  1. She's training six hours a day now. She's decided to try out for the Japanese Olympic team.
  2. This year's school play is “Romeo and Juliet”. Why don't you try out? I think you'd make a great Mercutio.
  3. We were at the Berlitz Skiway watching the ski jumping tryouts.

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