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2010.02.15(Review of 2002.02.15 edition)

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Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ
SKI / SKIING   スキー板、スキーをする/スキー(をすること)


  • A ski (noun) is one of two long, thin pieces of wood, plastic, or fiberglass, attached to boots and used for sliding over snow.

    To ski (verb) is to use skis to slide over snow.

    Two major groups of Olympic events in which athletes wear skis are alpine skiing (= skiing down slopes) and cross-country skiing (= skiing along mostly flat trails).
    Other skiing events include freestyle skiing and ski jumping.

    Be Careful! We do NOT use the word “ski” (without “-ing”) like the Japanese スキー in the names of these events, EXCEPT in ski jumping (where “ski” is the first, rather than the last, word).
  • 名詞の ski は、木やプラスチック、グラスファイバーでできた長い板で、ブーツに取り付けて雪の上を滑るのに用いるもの、つまり、スキーの板のことです。単数形の場合、片方の板をさします。

    動詞の ski は、スキー板を使って雪の上を滑る、つまり、スキーをする、という意味です。

    オリンピックの競技で、選手がスキーの板をつけて行う主な種目には、alpine skiing(斜面をスキーで滑り降りるもの。アルペン)や cross-country skiing(大部分が平らなルートをスキーで進むもの。クロスカントリー)があります。他のスキー競技には、freestyle skiing(フリースタイル)や ski jumping(ジャンプ)などがあります。

    注意:英語のスキーの競技名では、( ski という言葉が最後ではなく最初にくる)ski jumping を除き、日本語の「スキー」のように( ing を付けずに)ski だけで使うことはありません。



  1. I learned how to ski when I was three years old, but never owned a pair of skis until I was thirteen.
  2. Alpine skiing includes several slalom events and the exciting downhill.
  3. Cross-country skiing requires great stamina.
  4. I don't really understand how they judge freestyle skiing, but I do love to watch it.
  5. a: Have you ever tried ski jumping?
    b: Are you kidding? I'd be too scared.
  6. The men's 120-meter ski jumping competition in the 1998 Nagano Olympics was a great victory for Japan.

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