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For Life
2005.02.04(Review of 2002.02.18 edition)

Hello, and welcome to the Friday WordMaster, the last in our series on fitness and exercise! Since we'll have the whole weekend to recover, let's make this our best workout ever!

Today's Lesson
TRAIN(ING)   トレーニングする、(トレーニング)


  • To train for a sport is to prepare for that sport by making yourself stronger or faster, increasing your stamina, or improving your technique with exercise, practice, a special diet, etc.

    This kind of effort is called training.
  • スポーツについて train という言葉を使う場合、体を鍛える、練習をする、食餌制限をするなどして、より強く速くなるようにしたり、スタミナを増したり、技術の向上を図ったりする ― つまり、トレーニングするという意味になります。

    上記のような活動を、training と言います。


  1. Many Olympic athletes train their whole lives for a chance to win a gold medal.
  2. We'll have to train hard if we want to beat that team. They won the state championship last year.
  3. It takes many years of training to get a black belt in karate.
  4. Weight training (= lifting weights) helps build muscles and keep a person generally fit.

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