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For many of us, these are probably the first people who come to mind when we think of the rich and famous!

Today's Lesson


  • An actor is someone (male or female) who performs in movies, plays, TV series, or radio dramas.

    An actress is a female actor.
  • actor は、映画や演劇、テレビドラマ、またはラジオドラマなどで演じる人(男女問わず)です。

    actress は女性の俳優という意味です。


  1. a: Who's your favorite actor?
    b: Harrison DiCaprio.
  2. The most popular actors in Hollywood get millions of dollars per film.
  3. (walking in the Ginza area)
    Do you see that man over there? He's a famous kabuki actor.
  4. What's the name of that young actress in the TV series “Friends and Lovers”?
  5. My daughter wants to be an actress on Broadway when she grows up.

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