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2011.12.20 (Review of 2008.09.18 edition)

Today's Lesson
INCENTIVE   意欲を起こさせるもの、刺激となるもの


  • An incentive is something (for example, a bonus or reward) that motivates a person to do something.

    Be Careful! Incentive can be used as either a countable or uncountable noun.
  • incentive とは、ボーナスや褒美など、人に意欲を起こさせるもののことです。

    注意: incentive は、数えられる名詞としても、数えられない名詞としても使えます。
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  1. I wanted to live the good life, so I had a strong incentive to work and study hard.
  2. The only way to teach someone how to live on a budget is to give them an incentive to save.
  3. In a society where wages are determined by need rather than merit, there is little incentive for innovation.
  4. Tax incentives are a common and effective way to improve the business climate of an area.
  5. We have a number of employee incentive plans in place, such as profit sharing and annual performance bonuses.

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