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For Life

Welcome to the start of February, and to a brand new week of Berlitz WordMaster!

We're about to begin a series that is very dear to our hearts. It concerns two reference books - a couple of perennial best sellers - that no home, office, or school should be without. Enjoy!

Today's Lesson


  • A dictionary is a book of words listed alphabetically together with their meaning, in the same language or in another language.
  • dictionary とは、単語とその意味が、同じ言語、あるいは別の言語で、アルファベット順に載っている本、つまり、辞書のことです。



  1. (customer to salesperson at bookstore)
    a: I'm looking for a good Japanese-English dictionary.
    b: Have you looked in our foreign language section?
  2. How about giving Kyle one of those digital dictionaries for his graduation?
  3. a: What doesbreakwatermean?
    b: I'm not sure. Look it up in the dictionary.
  4. a: Are you sure that's a real word? It's not in my dictionary.
    b: Maybe you spelled it wrong.

英会話レッスンWhat's your favorite chapter of the dictionary?