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Greetings! By some estimates, more than half of Japan's natural coastline has been replaced by concrete structures of one kind or another, most for the purpose of coastal protection. So the next time you have a conversation about the sea in this country, chances are high that today's word will surface - or break water - somewhere!

Today's Lesson


  • A breakwater is a wall-like structure near the shore that protects a harbor, beach, or other area along the coast from damaging waves.
  • breakwater は、港や浜辺、海岸線などの一帯を波の被害から守るために沿岸につくられた、壁のような建造物、つまり、防波堤のことです。



  1. Thanks to the breakwater, the water in the marina is usually pretty calm.
  2. (someone with a house on the coast)
    The tetrapod breakwater they've built along the coast doesn't improve the scenery any, but we'll be glad it's there when the next big typhoon comes.
  3. I caught a 10-pound sea eel yesterday while fishing off the breakwater.

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