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Today's Lesson
BEST SELLER   ベストセラー


  • A best seller is a book that is very successful (= a large number of copies are sold quickly).

    The adjective form is best-selling, which can be used to describe a book or an author.
  • best seller とは、とても成功した(すぐに売り切れた)本、つまり、ベストセラーのことです。

    形容詞形は best-selling で、本や作家を表すのに使われ、ベストセラーの、という意味です。



  1. (reading a soon-to-be-published novel)
    This is the best thing I've read in years! I think it's going to be a best seller.
  2. The book has been on the Berlitz Times best-seller list for 58 weeks!
  3. (talking about a movie)
    a: I really liked the story!
    b: Me too. Did you know that it was based on a best-selling novel?
  4. (at a restaurant)
    Do you see that woman at the next table? That's Maxine Berlitz, the best-selling romance writer.

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