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For Life

Hello again! We're just a couple of days away from the big weekend now, and here's a word to encourage you to do more than just watch the action!

Today's Lesson


  • To participate is to join in an activity.

    Participation is the act of participating in an activity or the number of people who participate.

    A participant is someone who participates in an activity.
  • participate とは、ある活動に加わる、つまり、参加する、という意味です。

    participation とは、ある活動に加わるという行為、もしくは参加する人々の人数、つまり、参加、参加人数、という意味です。

    participant とは、ある活動に加わる人、つまり、参加者のことです。



  1. a: Can parents participate in any of the sports day events?
    b: Of course, so be sure to wear your sneakers.
  2. It sure was a lot more fun to participate in the parade than to just be a spectator.
  3. We appreciate your participation in this year's Dance for Life. Thanks to you, we raised $5,000 for the Berlitz Children's Hospital.
  4. Participation in the conference was even higher than last year. Next year, I think we'll have to find a bigger venue.
  5. All of the participants at the meeting wore name tags.
  6. (fictional news report)
    A 100-year-old man was among the 17,000 participants in the Berlitz Marathon, held yesterday in Princeton, New Jersey.

英会話レッスンThanks for joining us today!