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For Life
2006.12.07(Review of 2002.06.18 edition)

Hello again!

The Asian Games are nearly half over, which means there's still over a week of competition to enjoy. What's been your favorite moment so far?

Today's Lesson
VENUE   開催地、会場


  • The venue for an event - such as an Olympic competition, a World Cup soccer match, a conference, a rock concert, or a fireworks display - is the place where the event is held.
  • venue とは、催し物(例えば、オリンピックの各種競技、サッカーのワールドカップ、会議、ロックコンサート、花火大会など)の開催地のことです。


  1. Events at the Asian Games are being held at about 20 different venues in and around Doha.
  2. (a tourist at the Asian Games)
    I got this great map at the Tourist Information Center. It shows where the venues for each event are. See, the gold stars are for indoor venues, and the silver stars are for outdoor venues.
  3. There was a change of venue because of the rain.
  4. The high elevation of Mexico City made it a challenging Olympic venue.
  5. (strolling past the Yoyogi Olympic Pool)
    a: What an interesting building that is!
    b: Haven't you ever seen it before? It was the swimming venue for the Tokyo Olympics.

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