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For Life
2008.08.21(Review of 2002.05.29 edition)

When a moment in sports is worth another look, thank goodness for today's WordMaster topic!

Today's Lesson
(INSTANT) REPLAY   (即時)再生画像


  • A replay is a moment in a sports television broadcast that is shown again.

    An instant replay is a replay shown immediately after the moment occurs.
  • replay は、スポーツ番組の放送でもう一度くり返して見られる場面、つまり、再生画像のことです。

    その場面の直後に再生される画像のことを instant replay と言います。



  1. Every time I see the replay of the winning goal, it's as thrilling as the first time.
  2. The judges carefully watched the replay of the finish to see who won the race.
  3. I think watching sports on TV is more exciting than watching live, because they show instant replays on TV.
  4. If you look at the slow-motion instant replay, it's clear that the ball landed just inside the line.

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