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For Life
2008.08.20(Review of 2002.02.05 edition)


More than any other medium, television has made the Olympics one of the planet's great mass communal experiences: While you are thrilling to the wondrous achievements of the world's finest athletes, so are nearly a thousand million others around the globe. And that's a fact perhaps more wondrous than the competition itself!

Today's Lesson
BROADCAST   放送する、放送


  • To broadcast (verb) a program is to send it out on television or by radio.

    A broadcast (noun) is a single radio or television program.
  • broadcast(動詞)は、テレビやラジオで番組を放送する、という意味です。




  1. I read that the Beijing Olympics are being broadcast to about 4 billion people throughout the world.
  2. Many Olympic events are broadcast live on satellite TV.
  3. Do you remember that TV documentary on orcas you liked so much? Well, they going to rebroadcast (= broadcast again) it on Channel 67 tomorrow night at 8.
  4. There was a live radio broadcast of a concert by the Berlitz Philharmonic last night. Did you hear it?
  5. The broadcast schedule for the Japan High School Baseball Tournament is on page 10 of the sports section.

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