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2008.08.19(Review of 2002.02.20 edition)

Don't let the topic confuse you - today's WordMaster edition is just getting started!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ
FINISH   ゴールインする、試合を終了する/最後の場面、最後


  • To finish (verb) in, for example, first place - or to finish first - is to be in first place at the end of a race or other competition.

    The finish (noun) is the final part of a competition.

    Be Careful! In English we do NOT use the expression “goal in” like the Japanese ゴールイン to mean “finish a race.”
  • 動詞の finishfinish in first place や finish first などと使った場合、試合や競技の結果、1位になる、という意味になります。

    finish を名詞として使うと、試合や競技の最後の場面、という意味になります。

    注意:「レースを終える」という意味で、日本語では「ゴールインする」と言いますが、英語では goal in とは言いません。



  1. The athlete finished second in his event and went home with the silver medal.
  2. I don't care if I win or not. I just don't want to finish in last place.
  3. a: How did your team do last year?
    b: We finished the season with a record of 8 and 3. (= The team won 8 games and lost 3.)
  4. It was a very exciting match. The spectators were on their feet from start to finish.
  5. They were behind 4 to 7 in the 9th inning and then hit a grand slam to win the game. Wow, what a thrilling finish!
  6. It was such a close finish that I didn't know which horse had won until they made the announcement.

英会話レッスンCongratulations on another great finish! Bye for now!