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For Life
2008.08.08(Review of 2002.02.19 edition)

The World's top athletes have arrived hungry for glory, the eager crowds have gathered, the torch will soon be lit. Let the Games begin!!

(By the way, as we announced yesterday, we won't be bringing you our usual “game” for this day. Instead of the WordMaster Challenge, we've prepared another regular WordMaster edition for you before taking our annual weeklong break for Obon.)

Today's Lesson
RANK   ランク、ランクづけする


  • An athlete's or team's rank (noun) is their position in a list of athletes or teams, arranged in order of strongest to weakest in their sport.

    To be ranked (verb) is to have a particular rank. For example, if an athlete's rank is #1, the athlete “is ranked first” or “is ranked number one.”
  • 名詞の rank は、あるスポーツの選手やチームを、強い方から弱い方まで順番に並べたリスト上の位置、つまり、ランクの順位のことです。

    動詞の rank は、特定の順位に位置する、ランクづけする、という意味です。例えば、ある選手のランクが1位だったとしたら、The athlete is ranked first. または The athlete is ranked number one. と言うことができます。



  1. “Ozeki” is sumo's second-highest rank.
  2. In 1993, a Hawaiian man became the first sumo wrestler born outside of Japan to reach the rank of “yokozuna.”
  3. Although the rower was only ranked 17th in the world, he surprised everyone and won the gold medal.
  4. The university's synchronized swimming team is the top-ranked team in the country.

英会話レッスンCould the Obon holiday have been better timed? If you're a fan of the Olympics, then the coming week should be a real treat for you. Get your fill of the Games, then join us again when we return on Monday the 18th. Enjoy!!