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2008.08.06(Review of 2000.10.09 edition)

Although the difference between a game and a sport is not always clear, we hope that today's edition helps. And please pay special attention to today's “Be Careful!”

Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ
SPORT   スポーツ


  • A sport is an activity that takes physical effort or skill and has rules; for example, sumo, the marathon, and golf.

    Be Careful! Sports (with an “s”) is the plural form and cannot be used to talk about only one sport like the Japanese スポーツ. For example, Basketball is “an exciting SPORT,” not “an exciting SPORTS.”
  • sport は、肉体的な努力や技術を要し、ルールのある活動、例えば、相撲、マラソン、ゴルフなどをさします。

    注意:日本語では「スポーツ」と言いますが、英語で sports と s がついた場合は、sport の複数形なので、1種類のスポーツについて使うことはありません。例えば、Basketball is “an exciting sports.” とは言いません。Basketball is “an exciting SPORT.” が正しい言い方です。



  1. a: What's your favorite sport?
    b: To play - definitely volleyball. To watch - either tennis or soccer.
  2. Baseball is the most popular spectator sport in Japan.
  3. a: Do you play any sports?
    b: I play golf once in a while.
  4. My brother competes in three team sports at school: football, soccer, and basketball.

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