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2008.08.07(Review of 2000.09.26 and 2002.06.19 edition)

It all begins tomorrow! We hope you've given your television a tune-up and a good polish, because it'll soon be working as hard as the athletes. And if you're not familiar with the word “athlete,” then it's time to give yourself a workout as well, with this 3-in-1 WordMaster edition on the eve of the Opening Ceremony for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
スポーツ選手、スポーツマン vs. ランナー vs. 選手、競技者


  • An athlete is a person who is trained for or good at sports.

    Someone who “runs” (the marathon, 1500 meters, etc.) is a runner, someone who “swims” is a swimmer, someone who “skis” is a skier, etc.

    A player is a person who competes or joins in a sport or game that is “played,” such as soccer, baseball, tennis, or chess.
  • athlete は、鍛えている人、または、スポーツの得意な人のことです。

    (マラソンや1500メートル走などの競技で)走る人は runner 、泳ぐ人は swimmer 、スキーをする人は skier などと言います。

    player とは、(サッカー、野球、テニス、チェスなど)一般的に、 play という動詞が使われるスポーツや試合で競争したり、それに参加したりする人のことです。



  1. Over 10,000 athletes are expected to compete at the Beijing Olympics.
  2. China will be hosting the world's greatest athletes for two exciting weeks.
  3. My son is a natural athlete. He does well in all sports.
  4. She's a short-distance runner on the Canadian National Team.
  5. I wish I were a better swimmer.
  6. At sumo tournaments, the strongest wrestlers usually have their matches later in the day.
  7. There are eleven players on a soccer team, aren't there?
  8. Who's your favorite baseball player?

英会話レッスンIMPORTANT! Even the WordMaster needs a holiday once in a while, so we'll be taking next week off in observance of Obon. We'll also be finishing the week tomorrow with another regular WordMaster edition instead of the usual WordMaster Challenge.

See you tomorrow, sports fans!