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2007.06.06(Review of 2001.11.28 edition)

The Japanese words for many movie genres are nearly identical to the English originals. Take, for instance, アクション (action), ロマンス (romance), and コメディー (comedy). But here's one genre that isn't quite so straightforward!

Roll camera!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ
ANIMATED (FILM/CHARACTER)   アニメ映画/アニメのキャラクター


  • An animated film or animated movie is a movie made by filming a series of drawings, computer images, etc. instead of live actors.

    An animated character is a character (= a person, animal, or other creature) in an animated film.

    Be Careful! In English, the word “anime“ (アニメ) is usually used only to talk about Japanese animated films.
  • animated film または animated movie とは、実際の役者ではなく、絵やコンピュータ・グラフィックスを使って作成した映画のことです。

    このような映画に登場する人物や、動物、その他の生き物などを animated character と言います。

    注意:英語で anime (アニメ)と言った場合は、日本のアニメ映画のことをさします。



  1. The movie studio does make live-action films, but it's best known for its animated films.
  2. The first animated film from Japan to win an Oscar also broke the box-office record in Japan for movie ticket sales.
  3. When my daughter was younger, the only movies she ever wanted to see were animated movies. But, you know, I was surprised how much I enjoyed them.
  4. The theme park has many attractions where kids can meet their favorite animated characters from the movies.

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