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It's a fine day whenever we have the pleasure of your company! Welcome back! Yesterday the Academy Awards were held in the United States. (If you don't know what the Academy Awards are, don't worry - it's today's WordMaster!) Maybe you've already heard the results, and if you have, then you know more than we do as we write this. (Today's WordMaster wasn't written just this morning, you know!) We're sure that many people will be talking about who won what for many days to come, so this week we're introducing and reviewing a set of words that are sure to come in handy when the conversation turns to the movies! Enjoy!

Today's Lesson
ACADEMY AWARDS / OSCARS   アカデミー賞 / オスカー賞


  • The Academy Awards is an event held once a year in the United States by an organization called the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. At this event, prizes for special achievements are given to people involved in making movies.

    This event is also called the Oscars.
  • Academy Awards は、アメリカの映画芸術科学協会という団体が一年に一度主催する行事です。この行事では、映画の製作に関わっている人々に対して、特別な業績や成果を評価する賞が与えられます。

    このイベントは Oscars とも呼ばれます。


  1. a: I'm inviting some friends over to watch the Academy Awards. Would you like to join us?
    b: Sure. I love the Oscars.
  2. Did you see the Academy Awards last night?
  3. Did you hear about what happened at the Oscars? One of the actresses was walking on stage, when all of a sudden ...

英会話レッスンStay tuned for more Oscars glamour and excitement tomorrow!