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Today's Lesson
DUST   ほこり、ほこりを払う


  • Dust (uncountable noun) is dry particles (= extremely small pieces such as in a powder) of dirt, fibers from clothing and carpets, etc. that collect on indoor surfaces.

    The word dust can also be used to talk about dry particles of certain other materials not necessarily found inside buildings, such as dirt in the air, coal dust, gold dust, or pollen.

    To dust (verb) a surface is to remove dust from it by wiping with a cloth, brushing it, etc.

    Something is dusty if it is covered with dust.
  • dust(数えられない名詞)は、乾燥した粒子(粉のような、きわめて小さいもの)、つまり、ほこりのことです。dust は、土、服やカーペットの繊維などから発生し、室内にある物の表面にたまります。

    また、dust は、ほかの物質から発生する乾燥した粒子をさすこともあります。このような物質は、必ずしも室内にあるとは限らず、例えば、空気中の土、また、炭塵 coal dust 、砂金 gold dust、あるいは、花粉などから発生する粒子も dust と呼ばれます。

    動詞の dust は、布で拭き取ったり、ブラシをかけたりすることによって、物の表面からほこりを取り除く、という意味です。

    dusty は、何かがほこりをかぶっている、ほこりまみれの、という意味の形容詞です。


  1. (entering a room)
    a: Why is there so much dust over everything?
    b: Sorry, I haven't cleaned in here for a while.
  2. a: I just found out that I'm allergic to house dust.
    b: That's funny. I just read an article about house dust. Did you know that it's mostly made up of dead skin?
    a: Yuck! No wonder I'm allergic to the stuff!
  3. (a student looking through a classroom window)
    It sure is windy outside. Look at the cloud of dust over the school ground!
  4. I went out this morning and found my car covered with pollen dust. I can really understand why people with hay fever are so miserable (= very unhappy) these days.
  5. Would you mind dusting the table and shelves in the dining room? Our guests will be here soon.
  6. a: I found a dusty old typewriter in the attic.
    b: Really? I thought we'd sold that years ago.

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