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For Life
2005.03.23(Review of 2001.03.12 edition)

You have to take the bad with the good, and even spring has her downside.

Today's Lesson
POLLEN / HAY FEVER   花粉 / 花粉症


  • Pollen is the powder made by the male part of a flower.

    Hay fever is an unpleasant reaction to pollen in the air. People who have hay fever may have red, watery eyes, a runny or stuffed up nose, or may sneeze often.
  • pollen は、花のおしべから作られる花粉のことです。

    hay fever は、空気中の花粉によって引き起こされる症状で、hay fever の人は、目が赤くなったり、涙目になったり、鼻が出たり、鼻づまりやくしゃみなどの症状がでます。


  1. They say there's a lot more pollen in the air this year than usual. No wonder I feel so bad.
  2. A lot of people in Tokyo have hay fever because of all the cedar pollen that's blown there from the mountains.
  3. My hay fever is terrible this year. I can't go outside without a mask.
  4. a: What do you take for your hay fever?
    b: Just some pills my doctor gave me.

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