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2010.07.22 (Review of 2007.05.15 edition)

When a store clerk puts an item you've purchased in a bag and hands it to you, he's making a statement: “Here, this is yours now.” Keep that in mind while learning today's idiom!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
IN THE BAG   確実で


  • If something is in the bag, you are sure to get it or successfully accomplish it.
  • in the bag とは、確実に何かを手に入れられる、または、うまく実現できる、という状況をさします。



  1. (to employee at architectural firm)
    Your designs for the new art center are extraordinary! Thanks to you, I think we have the account in the bag.
  2. It looks like passage of the revised zoning law is in the bag. Four out of five City Council members say they'll vote in favor.
  3. a: I really felt good about my interview today. I think you're looking at the next director of research for Berlitz Biotech!
    b: Don't forget that there are a hundred other people applying for that position. It isn't in the bag yet.

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