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Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
CULTURE SHOCK   カルチャー・ショック


  • Culture shock is the feeling of confusion some people have when they're in a foreign country or other place where people's way of living, thinking, or behaving is strange to them.
  • culture shock とは、なじみのない他国や他の場所で、現地の人々の生活様式や考え方、振舞いについて、人々が抱く困惑した感情のことです。



  1. (to a foreigner living in Japan)
    a: How are you handling the culture shock?
    b: It really hasn't been a problem. I've felt very comfortable here since the day I arrived.
  2. I'd never been abroad, so India was a real culture shock.
  3. It's always a bit of a culture shock to start work in a new office.

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