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For Life

Welcome, to the final chapter of the WordMaster's latest work - The Novel! It's been a real page-turner resulting in sleepless nights for many of our readers, but it's time to bring our story to a close with the Friday edition!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
SOLD OUT   売り切れ


  • A book or other product is sold out - or a store is sold out OF a product - if there are no more left to buy.

    A concert or other event is sold out if there are no more tickets left to buy.
  • 本や他の製品について sold out 、またはお店について sold out of a product と言うと、買えるものが残っていない、つまり、売り切れという意味です。

    コンサートや他のイベントについて sold out と言うと、チケットが残っていない、という意味です。



  1. (the day after a popular fantasy novel goes on sale)
    a: Were you able to get a copy?
    b: No, I was too late. It was sold out after just five hours.
  2. (at a garden shop)
    a: Excuse me, do you have any cauliflower seeds?
    b: We usually do, but we're sold out of them right now.
  3. a: You look upset. What's the matter?
    b: I just tried to buy tickets to see the Berlitz Boyz, but the concert's sold out.

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