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For Life
2008.12.22(Review of 2001.12.10 edition)

Holiday greetings!

If you're less than thrilled about the start of winter, remember that this is also when the holiday season kicks into high gear! So during our brief time with you this week (today, Wednesday, and Friday), let's forget about the dark cold outside and bathe in the warm light of the Christmas and New Year's spirit!

Today's Lesson


  • A carol (noun) is a song of joy. These days, the word is used most often to talk about songs sung at Christmas.

    To carol (verb) is to sing Christmas carols, and to go caroling is to go from house to house singing Christmas carols, often receiving treats or money for charity.
  • 名詞の carol は、喜びの歌のことです。最近では carol という言葉は、クリスマスに歌われる歌をさすことがほとんどです。

    動詞の carol は、クリスマスキャロルを歌う、という意味です。 go caroling は、クリスマスキャロルを歌いながら家々を回るということで、もてなしを受けたり、お金を寄付してもらったりすることがよくあります。



  1. My favorite Christmas carol is “Silent Night.”
  2. The tree is decorated, the presents are all wrapped, and they're playing carols on the radio. It really feels like Christmas!
  3. I saw some school children caroling in front of City Hall. They were collecting money for the poor.
  4. We went caroling around the neighborhood last night.

英会話レッスンPlease join us for another glass of holiday spirits on Wednesday. Take care!