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Even the WordMaster has to admit that some aspects of the human spirit are too profound to be described with mere words. Sometimes music is the only language that seems adequate. Take this famous cinematic moment, for example: Atop a grassy hill amid the grandeur of the Austrian Alps in late spring, we see the small figure of a woman in the distance, arms outstretched, twirling rapturously in answer to the joyous emotions welling up inside her. And then, inevitably, the woman bursts into song! How else could she express her deep love of the mountains and the passionate pleasure she takes in being alive?

This week, we sing a love song to music. Feel free to join in if the mood hits you!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉CATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー
(PIECE OF) MUSIC vs. SONG   音楽(作品) vs. 歌


  • Music is the (usually) pleasant sound made by singing or by playing the piano, violin, guitar, etc.

    A piece or piece of music is one particular set of such sounds; for example, “Beethoven's 5th Symphony,” “Sakura,” or a movie theme.

    A song is a short piece of music with words.

    Be Careful! Although every song is also a piece of music, not every piece of music is a song. For example, music WITHOUT words, longer pieces of music WITH words (such as Handel's “Messiah”), etc., are NOT usually called songs.
  • music とは、歌ったり、ピアノ、バイオリン、ギターなどを演奏したりすることによって、作り出される(通常は)心地よい音のことです。

    piece または piece of music とは、そのような音による特定の作品のことで、例えば、ベートーベンの交響曲第5番や「さくら」、映画のテーマ曲などがあります。

    song とは、歌詞のついた短い音楽作品のことです。

    注意:全ての song は、piece of music ですが、全ての piece of music は、必ずしも song であるとは限りません。例えば、歌詞のない music や、ヘンデルの「メサイヤ」のように、歌詞があっても、とても長い楽曲などのことは、普通は song とは呼びません。



  1. a: What kind of music do you like to listen to?
    b:  All kinds, but I especially like classical and Celtic music.
  2. a: What a beautiful piece of music! Who wrote it?
    b: George Gershwin.
  3. a: What piece are you going to play at the recital?
    b: Debussy's “Reverie.”
  4. We spent the whole afternoon at the karaoke place. I must have sung at least 20 songs!
  5. a: Do you still remember the words to our school song?
    b: Of course. (singing) “Cheer, cheer for our fair school on the hill! Oh, proud sons and daughters of Berlitz High, cheer! ...”

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