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Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
TAKE (IT) FOR GRANTED   〜を当然のことと思う


  • To take something or somebody for granted is to not value something or somebody enough.

    To take IT for granted that something is true, that something would happen, etc. is to believe it without a good reason or proof.
  • take something or somebody for granted とは、ものや人の存在・価値を当然のことと思い軽視する、という意味です。

    take IT for granted とは、正当な理由や証拠がないのに、何かが本当である、また、これから起こることは当然のことと思う、という意味です。



  1. Most of us take electricity for granted - until the power goes off.
  2. I realize now that I took my kids for granted, thinking they'd always be there. Now that they've all moved away, I really miss them.
  3. You should never take your health for granted.
  4. (Henry's wife to a friend)
    a: Henry says he doesn't want to have kids.
    b: Did you ever ask him if he wanted to have kids before you got married?
    a: No, I just took it for granted.
  5. (Jeff's sister)
    We all took it for granted that Jeff would take over the family store when Dad retired.

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