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POWER (= electricity)   電力、電源


  • Power is the energy (for example, electricity) used to produce light or heat, operate a machine, etc.
  • power とは、光や熱を生み出したり、機械を作動させたりするために使われるエネルギー(例えば、電気など)のことです。

POWER (= electricity)


  1. (after dropping her MP3 player)
    I think I broke it. Nothing happens when I turn on the power .
  2. (using a new piece of equipment for the first time)
    a: I can't figure out how to turn this thing on. Where's the power button?
    b: Maybe it's on the back.
  3. One power company supplies electricity to the whole country.
  4. As both the price of oil and concern for the environment continue to increase, more people are taking a serious look at wind and solar (= sun) power.
  5. (fictional news report)
    The power outage occurred after lightning struck power lines supplying electricity to over 20,000 homes. Most homes were without power for nearly 6 hours.
  6. (company memo)
    Due to the current power shortage, we will be turning down the heat in the building in order to conserve energy.

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