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2007.02.06(Review of 2004.03.25 edition)

Today's WordMaster takes the act of placing flowers into a vase and makes it high art!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー


  • A flower arrangement is a group of flowers that have been placed in particular positions in a vase, ceramic dish, etc. in order to be displayed.

    Flower arrangement is the art of producing such displays.

    Be Careful! When used to mean a display of flowers, the expression flower arrangement is countable. When talking about the art of flower arrangement, however, the expression is uncountable.
  • flower arrangement は、鑑賞目的で、花瓶や陶器などに決まった形で生けられた花、という意味です。

    flower arrangement には、花を生ける技術、つまり、華道という意味もあります。



  1. There was a beautiful flower arrangement in the lobby of the hotel. It must have cost at least ¥100,000.
  2. My wife likes to decorate the entrance to our home with seasonal flower arrangements.
  3. (an American woman to a Japanese friend)
    Is it still common for young Japanese women to learn tea ceremony and flower arrangement before they get married?

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