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2007.02.05(Review of 2004.03.24 edition)

Welcome back!

In anticipation of its National Foundation Day (建国記念の日), we've planned a celebration of the cultural wonders Japan has given to the world!

We begin with a perfect pastime for those who have a taste for the quiet and soulful...

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー


  • A tea ceremony is a formal occasion where “matcha” tea is prepared and served to guests in a fixed and traditional way.

    Tea ceremony is also the art of preparing and serving tea in this way.

    Be Careful! When used to mean a formal occasion, the expression tea ceremony is countable. When talking about the art of tea ceremony, however, the expression is uncountable.
  • tea ceremony は、伝統的な作法で抹茶をたてて客に供する正式な場、つまり、茶席のことです。

    tea ceremony は、客に抹茶を供する伝統的な作法、つまり、茶道という意味もあります。



  1. (a British man living in Japan)
    My mother is coming to visit me next month. She says she'd like to see Mount Fuji and attend a tea ceremony while she's here.
  2. I love the little sweets they serve at tea ceremonies. Where can I buy some?
  3. I was a member of the tea ceremony club in college.
  4. My father took up tea ceremony after he retired.

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