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For Life

Hello, and welcome back to our celebration of things that go bump in the night! We think the spirit of this week's set is nicely summed up by these two words!

Today's Lesson


  • To be scared or afraid is to be frightened or worried that something bad might happen.
  • scared あるいは afraid とは、何か悪いことが起こるかもしれないと、恐れたり、心配したりしている状態をさします。


  1. My daughter is scared of the dark, so we usually leave a light on in her room at night.
  2. With all the crime in the city these days, I'm scared to go out alone.
  3. a: I thought you were excited about going bungee jumping. Why did you decide not to go?
    b: I got scared.
  4. (to a crying child in a Hollywood theme park)
    Don't be afraid, dear. It's not a real werewolf; it's only a man in a costume.
  5. I've always been afraid of bats and spiders.
  6. Your English will improve more quickly if you're not afraid of making mistakes.
  7. She won't go near that dog. She's afraid it's going to bite her.

英会話レッスンRemember, in English, as in all worthwhile endeavors, the only thing you have to fear is fear itself!

Enjoy the long weekend!