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For Life

Here are a couple of unfairly maligned creatures that, like the rest of us, are just trying to make a living.

Today's Lesson
BAT / SPIDER   コウモリ/クモ


  • A bat is a small, flying animal that is active at night and looks like a mouse with wings of skin.

    A spider is a small insect-like creature with eight legs that (usually) makes webs (= nets of sticky thread) to catch insects for food.
  • bat とは、空を飛ぶ小さな夜行性動物で、皮膚が羽根のようになったものがついているネズミに似た動物、つまり、コウモリのことです。

    spider は、8本の足で、多くは(ねばねばした糸でできた網状の)巣を作ってエサになる昆虫をつかまえる、昆虫に似た小さな生物、つまり、クモのことです。


  1. According to legend, vampires sometimes appear as bats.
  2. Imagine how frightened we were to find thousands of bats hanging upside down from the ceiling of the cave!
  3. I just saw a really cool science fiction movie about a giant spider that attacks Manhattan.
  4. There's a big spider web in the persimmon tree behind our house. All kinds of bugs get caught in it.

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