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For Life

Warm greetings to you! It's a great pleasure to be back here with you again!

Everyone on the WordMaster team is, as you can imagine, a great fan of learning. We believe that a life of learning is a life filled with new discoveries. So this week we go back to school once again. Put on your school satchel and come with us, because you're sure to learn a lot along the way!

Today's Lesson
SUBJECT   教科、科目、学科


  • A subject is an area of study.
  • Subject とは、学問の分野のことです。


  1. My favorite subjects are English and social studies.
  2. Calculus is the most difficult subject taught at our high school.
  3. What subjects (= classes) are you taking in school this term?
  4. What subject are you majoring in?

英会話レッスンAll the best to you!