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For Life

Good morning, class! Please take your seats and open to page 187 in your text. Your next lesson is about to begin!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Problem Vocabulary


  • Social studies  is the study of groups of people - for example, the people who live in a particular country, who share the same culture, or who lived at a certain period of time - and the ways they live, think, and organize themselves.

    Be careful:
    Social studies  can be used with either a plural or a singular verb.
  • social studies  は、人間の集団について学ぶこと、つまり社会科のことです。例えば、ある国に住んでいる人々、同じ文化をもつ人々、ある時代に生きていた人々などの、生活様式、考え方、組織運営などについて学びます。

    social studies   は、単数としても複数としても扱われます。


  1. Social studies  was my least favorite subject in school. I was never very good at it.
  2. I never understood how interesting social studies  were until I went to college.
  3. a: What classes do you have in the morning?
    b: I have social studies  at 9 o'clock, science at 10, and math at 11.
  4. In social studies  today we learned about the Jomon Period. Tomorrow our class is going to visit the Ward Office.
  5. Look! I got an "A" in social studies!

Bye for now!