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For Life
2006.04.05(Review of 2002.04.10 edition)

Hello again, and welcome to the Wednesday WordMaster! Today we talk about a place and a group of teachers that many of us remember with great fondness!

Today's Lesson
HOMEROOM (TEACHER)   ホームルーム(担任教師)


  • A homeroom is the room to which a group of students in the same grade go at the beginning of each school day (or at some other regular time each day) and where a teacher checks which students are late or absent, makes general announcements, etc.

    A homeroom teacher is the teacher responsible for a homeroom.
  • homeroom とは、始業時(または、そのほかの決まった時間に)、同じ学年の生徒が集まり、教師が遅刻や出欠の確認をとったり、連絡事項を伝えたりする教室、つまり、ホームルームのことです。

    homeroom teacher とは、クラスに対して責任のある教師、つまり、担任教師のことです。


  1. (a mother arriving at school)
    MOTHER: I'm looking for my son, John Smith.
    SCHOOL SECRETARY: He should be in his homeroom now. It's room 205 on the second floor.
  2. I hope Mrs. Casland is my homeroom teacher again next year. She never shouts or gets angry.
  3. My homeroom teacher in the sixth grade also taught math and science.

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