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2005.09.13(Review of 2001.09.04 edition)

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Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ
(the first) GRADE   (第1)学年


  • Before college, schools divide their students into a number of levels called grades. Each grade includes children of about the same age and ability. Students start in the first grade (in the U.S., usually at age 6) and complete 12 grades by the time they start college.

    Be Careful! In American English, it's more common to use the word grade than “year” to talk about children in elementary school. For example, we usually say, “My son is in the third grade,” NOT “My son is in the third YEAR.”
  • 大学より下の学校で、生徒を年齢や学力によって分けた区分のことを grade「学年」と呼びます。the first grade「第1学年」(アメリカではたいてい6歳の子供達)から始まり、大学に入るまでに the twelfth grade「第12学年」を終えます。

    注意:アメリカの小学生については、year よりも grade という言葉を使う方が一般的です。例えば、My son is in the third YEAR. と言うより、My son is in the third grade.(私の息子は3年生です)と言うのが普通です。


  1. a: What grade is your son in?
    b: He's in the fourth grade.
  2. I'll be starting the sixth grade soon. I've got just one more year till junior high school.
  3. Katie is so smart she skipped a grade. She went right from the fifth grade into the seventh.

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