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2005.04.15(Review of 2002.05.13 edition)

We wrap up our weeklong shopping spree today! Hopefully you've found a few treasures that you can wow your friends with. And if you've done so without maxing out your credit card, then all the better!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
FIT vs. SUIT   (サイズが)合う vs. 似合う


  • An item of clothing fits if it is the right size for a person.

    An item of clothing, a hairstyle, an accessory, etc. suits a person if it looks good on the person.

    Be careful! An item of clothing may fit you, but may not suit you. For example, a miniskirt that fits a man perfectly would probably NOT suit him.
  • 服のサイズが合うと言いたいときには、fit という動詞を使います。

    服やヘアースタイル、アクセサリーなどが似合うと言いたいときは、suit という動詞を使います。

    注意:ある服について、It fits you.(服のサイズが合っている)と言えても、It does NOT suit you.(服が似合わない)という場合もあります。たとえば、ある男の人がミニスカートをはいた場合、The miniskirt fits him perfectly.(ミニスカートはサイズがぴったりです)と言えても、It does NOT suit him.(かれに似合わない)ということになるでしょう。


  1. These shoes fit perfectly. I'll take them.
  2. I've gained so much weight since high school that my old clothes don't fit me anymore.
  3. (a sales clerk to a customer trying on two pairs of jeans)
    a: How do they fit?
    b: This pair fits really well, but the dark ones are a little tight.
  4. You look great in that dress. Black really suits you.
  5. a: Do you think short hair would suit me?
    b: No, I think you should keep it long.

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