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2011.09.14 (Review of 2009.04.01 edition)

If you've ever made pancakes (hotcakes) for a tableful of hungry bodies, then you know it isn't easy to keep up with demand. Doesn't every businessperson dream of finding a product that disappears just that quickly?

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリーCATEGORY: イディオム
SELL (LIKE HOT CAKES)   (飛ぶように)売れる


  • Be Careful! In the following expressions, the product is the SUBJECT of the sentence (as in "The product sells.") rather than the object (as in "They sell the product.").

    If a product sells at or for a particular PRICE, it can be bought at that price.

    If it sells in a particular QUANTITY, that's how many are bought.

    If it "DOESN'T sell", only a small number are bought.

    If it "sells WELL", large numbers of the product are bought.

    If it sells LIKE HOT CAKES, large numbers of the product are bought quickly.
  • 注意:これから紹介する表現の中の product は、They sell the product. のように文の目的語ではなく、The product sells. のように文の主語として使われます。

    a product sells at [for] a particular price は、商品がその価格で買える、という意味です。

    a product sells in a particular quantity は、商品がその量だけ買われる、つまり、売れ行きがよい、という意味です。

    a product doesn’t sell は、商品が少ししか買われない、という意味です。

    a product sells well は、大量の商品が買われる、という意味です。

    a product sells like hot cakes は、短期間で大量の商品が買われる、つまり、飛ぶように売れる、という意味です。
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  1. It sells for $4.99 a bottle or $50 for a case of 12.
  2. The March issue of the magazine sold over 150,000 copies, its biggest month ever.
  3. We used to carry that brand, but it just didn't sell.
  4. Roses always sell well in any season.
  5. The new video game is selling like hot cakes. We're having trouble keeping it in stock.

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