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2010.07.20(Review of 2006.10.02 edition)

Welcome back from the long weekend! We'd love to hear how you spent Marine Day - how should one spend that day, anyway? - but there's work to be done. So without further ado, we'll start the ball rolling with the first edition of the week!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム


  • To start the ball rolling is to start something or to get it started.

    To keep the ball rolling is to continue something or to help it continue.
  • start the ball rolling は、何かを始める、という意味です。

    keep the ball rolling は、何かを続ける、何かが続くようにする、という意味です。



  1. (chair, at the start of a conference)
    I'd like to start the ball rolling by introducing today's first speaker. Adam Smith is the president and founder of ...
  2. Unless we start the ball rolling on this project soon, we're going to lose our funding.
  3. Moving to a more central location has been great for business. Now how about doing some direct marketing in order to keep the ball rolling?
  4. This has been a terrific year for our business. Hopefully we can keep the ball rolling next year, too.

英会話レッスンMaking progress with your business English? Good! Now why not keep the ball rolling by joining us again tomorrow?