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Today, we wrap UP our UP series on an UP note!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: イディオム
UP FOR GRABS   容易に手に入る


  • To be up for grabs (informal) is to be available to anyone who wants it.
  • up for grabs (口語)は、ほしい人なら誰でも手に入れることができる、という意味です。

up for grabs


  1. There are still a few sales rep positions up for grabs.
  2. With so much grant money up for grabs, it would be a shame not to submit an application.
  3. The technology is cutting edge, so it's a whole new market up for grabs.
  4. (fictional news headline)
    CEO leaves in disgrace. Future leadership of firm up for grabs.

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