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The “mid” in today's word is not short for “middle”, but actually comes from an Old English word meaning “with”. So a midwife is literally someone who is WITH a WOMAN (“wife”) when she gives birth.

... and thank you for being WITH us today!

Today's Lesson


  • A midwife is someone (usually a woman) who has been trained to help women while they are pregnant and when their babies are being born.
  • midwife とは、妊娠中や子供が産まれるときに、女性を助けるよう訓練を受けた人(普通は女性)、つまり、助産師のことです。



  1. a: Who's your doctor?
    b: Actually, I'm seeing a midwife.
  2. There are so many skilled midwives in this city, it was hard to choose one.
  3. I saw a midwife once a month to monitor (= check) the progress of my pregnancy.

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