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For Life

Welcome back to Life - WordMaster for Life, where every day is your birthday and the party never stops!

It's Week 2 of our series on the birth of a child, our way of celebrating the coming of spring. And to be honest, we're as eager to get started as a woman two weeks past her due date!

Today's Lesson
CRAVE   切望する


  • If you crave something, you want it very much.

    A craving is a very strong feeling that you want something.
  • crave とは、何かを強く欲する、という意味です。

    craving は、何かを欲する非常に強い気持ちのことです。



  1. I know that women are supposed to crave things like pickles and ice cream when they're pregnant, but all I ever wanted to eat was instant ramen.
  2. Mike has always craved attention, so it doesn't surprise me that he wants to become an actor.
  3. I've got this sudden craving for a hamburger.
  4. It's hard not to give in to my craving for a cigarette when everyone around me is smoking.

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