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Who is number one on the pro golf tour? What teams look headed for the NFL playoffs? Which countries will be taking home the most gold? If you're looking for answers to questions like these, then you've come to the right place!

Today's Lesson
STANDINGS   順位表、勝敗表


  • Standings (always plural) are a list of athletes or teams that shows their record of wins and losses, current position in a competition, etc.
  • standings (常に複数形で用いる)は、運動選手やチームの勝敗の記録や競技における現在の順位などを表す一覧表のことです。



  1. Who's ahead in the medal standings right now?
  2. He follows the baseball standings pretty closely. He's a big fan of the sport.
  3. If he finishes the tournament in the top three, he'll keep his first-place rank in the standings.
  4. Check our Web site to see where your favorite team ranks in the standings.
  5. (talking about a college tennis player)
    She's won her last ten matches and is quickly moving up in the standings.

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