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For Life
2010.02.22 (Review of 2006.05.19 edition)

Hello again! It's our third and final week at the Olympic Games in Vancouver. By this time next Monday, the Games will be part of history, and hardcore sports fans ... well, they'll have started a new countdown, to the World Cup Tournament in June in South Africa!

But we're jumping the gun, because we have a full week of Olympic thrills still ahead. We're looking forward to it!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー
RESULTS   結果、成績


  • The results of a competition are a description of who won and lost a match, the final score, who finished in what place in a race, etc.

    Test results are the scores or grades you get on a test.

    Be Careful! We often use the plural (results) even when talking about one match, the grade on one test, etc.
  • 競争における results とは、試合に誰が勝って誰が負けたか、最終スコア、レースで誰が何位になったか、などを表したもの、つまり、結果のことです。

    test results とは、試験で取った点数や成績のことです。

    注意:ひとつの試合やひとつのテストの成績などについて言う場合でも、複数形( results )を使うことがよくあります。



  1. What were the results of yesterday's ice hockey match between Canada and the United States?
  2. The first thing I do when I open the newspaper is check the football results.
  3. a: Were you disappointed with the election results?
    b: No, I was actually quite happy with them.
  4. a: Did you get your test results back yet?
    b: Yes. I got a 93!
  5. We base our decision on the results of your interview and your results on the English proficiency exam.
  6. a: How did you do on the entrance exam?
    b: I don't know yet. They don't announce the results until next month.

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