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For Life
2010.02.19(Review of 2007.10.17 and 2001.06.01 edition)

We know you've been up late watching all the action in Vancouver, so thank you for taking time out to be with us today. Although this edition fits in quite well with our Olympic theme, it also does a fine job of summing up the philosophy behind the WordMaster project in general: serious learning with a little fun on the side!

Today's Lesson
SERIOUS / FOR FUN   真面目な、真剣な/楽しみのために


  • Someone who is serious spends his or her time on important matters such as work, study, careful thought, and sincere conversation, rather than playing and joking.

    Also, to be serious (as in “a serious athlete” or “serious musicians”) or serious ABOUT something is to spend much time and energy on something.

    To do something for fun or for the fun of it is to do it for enjoyment, rather than for an important purpose or goal.
  • 人について serious と言うと、遊びや冗談を言うことよりも、仕事や勉強、じっくり考えることや真剣な話し合いなどの大事なことに時間を費やす、つまり、真面目な、という意味になります。

    また、serious athlete や serious musicians のように serious 〜 または、serious about 〜 と言うと、ある事に多くの時間と労力を使う、つまり、真剣な、という意味にもなります。

    for funfor the fun of it は、重要な目標や目的のためではなく、楽しみのために何かをする、という意味です。



  1. He's hardworking and serious - someone you can really depend on.
  2. Margaret is such a serious child. I can't remember the last time I heard her laugh.
  3. He was a very serious athlete for a while. He even tried out for the Olympic team.
  4. I was too serious about my studies when I was in college. I wish I had had a little more fun.
  5. Tom's just playing in the tournament for fun. He doesn't expect to win.
  6. Right now I'm just studying Italian for fun, but maybe someday I'll take a trip there.
  7. a: Why are you taking the radio apart if there's nothing wrong with it?
    b: I just like to do it for the fun of it.

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