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If you've got a big enough yard, a garden hose, and below-freezing temperatures, then you have all the makings for an endless source of winter fun!

Today's Lesson
(SKATING) RINK   (スケート)リンク


  • A rink is a large flat surface of ice, wood, etc., for people to skate on.
  • rink とは、氷や木などでできた広くて平らな場所で、スケートをするところ、つまり、リンクのことです。



  1. (husband to wife)
    a: Where's Billy?
    b: He went to the rink with his friends.
  2. I used to spend all my time at the hockey rink when I was a boy.
  3. (playing a movie quiz game)
    Did Rocky and Adrian have their first date at an ice skating rink or a roller skating rink?
  4. I drive my daughter to an indoor rink every morning before school for figure skating lessons.

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