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2010.02.16 (Review of 2002.01.14 edition)

The Olympics are never more glamorous than when those acrobatic ballerinas of the ice perform their magic for the world!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ


  • A skate (noun) is one of two boots with a blade (or wheels) attached for moving over ice (or other hard surface).

    To skate (verb) is to use skates to move over ice or other hard surface.

    Two major groups of Olympic events in which athletes wear ice skates are figure skating (= performing on ice) and speed skating (= racing on ice).

    Be Careful! In English, we do NOT use the word “skate” (without “-ing”) like the Japanese スケート in the names of these events.
  • 名詞の skate は、氷(またはその他の硬い面)の上を移動するための、刃(または車輪)が付いているブーツ、つまり、スケート靴のことです。単数形の場合、片方の靴をさします。

    動詞の skate は、スケート靴を履いて、氷やその他の硬い面の上を移動する、つまり、スケートをする、という意味です。

    オリンピックの競技で、選手がスケート靴を履いて行う主な種目には、figure skating(氷の上で演じるもの。フィギュアスケート)と speed skating(氷の上で競走するもの。スピードスケート)があります。

    注意:英語のスケートの競技名では、日本語の「スケート」のように( ing を付けずに)skate だけで使うことはありません。



  1. Do you have a pair of skates that I can borrow?
  2. When did you learn how to skate? You're terrific!
  3. I find ice skating to be a lot more difficult than roller skating.
  4. The women's singles figure skating finals are always one of the most popular tickets at the Olympics.
  5. Which do you prefer, pairs figure skating or ice dancing?
  6. To do well in speed skating you need very powerful legs. Many speed skaters have thighs like tree trunks.
  7. The short track speed skating competition will be held indoors, so weather won't be a problem.

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